REFLECTIONS ON COVID-19 6 Lessons I Learned From Being Quarantined

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In my quiet time this morning, just as I have done for the last 10 days, I thought about how I should most effectively spend my new 24 hours. As an extrovert, this whole quarantine thing has been particularly uncomfortable, but has been a significant time of reflection and opportunity. Here are the 6 things I have learned:

1. We have given priority to many causes and activities that have taken us away from time with our family. Although many of the commitments we have made are noble, it doesn’t change the fact that we have busied ourselves with many things that make no difference in eternity.

2. We have become slaves to electronics and have forgotten the art of building lasting memories through a family meal, a spirited board game, a good book, a conversation with a friend, a long walk in nature and a handwritten letter.

3. We have often chosen things over experiences, even though memory-building experiences can live in our hearts long after loved ones have left the earth.

4. We have been reminded of how fundamentally connected we are to everyone who shares the air we breathe. Even if our choices don’t affect us personally, the choices we make can be life or death to someone else.

5. We have forgotten that “God is no respecter of persons” and doesn’t care what’s in our bank accounts, where we live, what we drive or who we know. The richest and most famous among us as well as the homeless can be struck down by the silent enemy.

6. We have a choice in the face of life-altering crisis. We can allow the silent enemy to defeat and cripple us. Or we can embrace the gift of time with loved ones, find new ways to communicate and safely accomplish the work we enjoy. We can give in to fear and doubt or we can allow the pain and inconvenience of this experience to change our outlook and responsibility to others forever.

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