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REFLECTIONS ON COVID-19 6 Lessons I Learned From Being Quarantined

In my quiet time this morning, just as I have done for the last 10 days, I thought about how I should most effectively spend my new 24 hours. As an extrovert, this whole quarantine thing has been particularly uncomfortable, but has been a significant time of reflection and opportunity. Here are the 6 things I have learned: 1. We have given priority to many causes and activities that have taken us away from time with our family. Although many of the commitments we have made are noble, it doesn’t change the fact that we have busied ourselves with many things that make no difference in eternity. 2. We have become slaves to electronics and have forgotten the art of building lasting memories through a family meal, a spirited board game,…
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The Legacy of the Symphony

Professional Coaching
I love orchestral music. I count the melding of dozens of different instruments of varying timbres and pitches to emotionally move the listener as one of God's greatest gifts. Because of my deeply held affection, I seek the symphonic experience across the country in my travels and have been fortunate enough to hear some of the nation's preeminent orchestras. Each time I soak in the beauty of the music, I find my mind wandering to study the orchestra personnel and the glaringly low percentage of young players. I'm distracted by the astounding reality that there seems to be a universal consistency that the legacy of classically trained professional musicians is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In 2017, few children cite musical instrument lessons as part of their extracurricular…
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